Kaitlyn knows that the NDP’s current approach to politics and community organizing isn’t working, but she firmly believes that we have the potential to win big with the right ideas and approach. If we want to achieve the goal of forming government in 2024, not only do we need a clear plan with measurable objectives, but we also need a platform people want to support, a leader who supports provincial constituencies, and a strong support base of donors, volunteers, and voters in constituencies across the province.

More than anything, we need to have a platform that excites people and gives them a reason to vote for us. Almost half of the province didn’t vote in the last provincial election, and this trend can be expected to continue if we continue to downplay the fact that we urgently need a new approach to running this province. The status quo must change, and many people in Saskatchewan know this, yet many of our politicians seem unwilling to recognize the fact that we are currently facing serious economic and environmental disruption and things will only get worse the longer we delay a serious response.

Check out Kaitlyn's response to the crises our province is facing with her brand new platform: a Sustainable Saskatchewan Strategy


If you want to support our campaign, please consider donating so we can bring our message to people across Saskatchewan. Every dollar you put into the campaign goes straight towards our grassroots plan to bring communities to the decision-making table (no donation is too small). Together we can make change start here.


The deadline to become a member and vote for Kaitlyn is quickly closing! Become a member of the Saskatchewan NDP by May 6th in order to help elect Kaitlyn as leader. $10 dollars is a small price to pay for changing the future of Saskatchewan, anyone aged 13+ can become a member.